Who We Are!

For our very first blog, we thought we’d take you all the way back to when our company started! Our founder and CEO Pradeep Kumar started his own journey into the world of tourism following his time at Manzil, an NGO focused on filling in the gaps of the Indian public school system. Using what he learned there, he harnessed his love for hospitality and adventurous spirit and set out to discover what travel can do for people. Pradeep began his work in the industry as a student guide at Delhi Magic, before working for other companies including Le Passage to India, and Reality Tours and Travel. From these opportunities came Delhi By Locals, as Pradeep put what he learned to use in founding his own small company that has today grown into one of the highest rated travel agencies in Delhi!

This is not to say there weren’t bumps in the road- founding a travel company was anything but a simple experience. Pradeep went from operating within a structure to trying to define his own, which was a monumental challenge. Tourism as an industry has a ton of moving parts and a multitude of different people involved, and juggling all these aspects led to a steep learning curve. However, with a little perseverance and help from a few friends along the way Pradeep has grown Delhi By Locals to the size it is today, with over 1,000 unique guests having joined us over the last two years!

From day one the ethos of the Delhi By Locals experience has been to provide authentic, original experiences that you couldn’t find anywhere else. As a company, that means a commitment to providing well educated, engaged, and excited guides to take you on unique tours developed over the years based off feedback from our visitors. It’s about giving back, about strengthening the communities that all of us came from through education and youth empowerment. NGOs are a backbone of our work here at Delhi By Locals, as most of our guides are hired straight from these trusted organizations that give them the tools they need to succeed.

We also pride ourselves on occupying a niche in the Indian tourism industry that is affordable and authentic, showing you the side of the Delhi that most people never get the chance to view! It’s about showing you why we love our home, and hopefully you’ll leave here feeling like part of the family. And for us, a primary goal has always been the advancement of India as a nation. This country has so many wonderful and diverse cultures, cuisines, religions, and people, and having the opportunity to introduce visitors to these aspects is one we relish. The tourism industry employs a great deal of Indians, in places from hotels to restaurants, in jobs from tour guides to drivers, and this economic stability it brings to the lives of others is another reason we do what we do.

We have slowly seen our family grow over the last two years, as more and more happy guests have referred us to their friends and loved ones. We are so proud of this ripple effect, and are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to build this international community. We’ve hosted everyone from post-grad backpackers to Google executives, and we’re making new friends every day. So come join the Delhi By Locals family today!

 +91 95996 79235  

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  1. Doing good work.. Kudos!


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